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Keg Caps

Keg Caps are available in Vented and
also Tamper-Evident styles. Vented
keg caps are available in 7 colors.

Labeled Keg Caps

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Keg Collars

Triad Product Co.’s Generic Keg Collars, also known as neck rings, provide an easy way to satisfy Federal keg labeling laws. Our custom keg collars are also and excellent opportunity to display your logo, brewery name, style of beer and all required government warnings and cautions. Keg Collars are made of a vinyl material that is durable and water and beer resistant. There is an artwork set-up fee and volume discount pricing is available. Call us for details: 1-888-462-1937 Generic keg collars are readily available for customers with all the necessary information and can be shipped quickly.

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